The sublime possibilities of a blank page

Prism pyramid objects on black gray background. Abstract geometrical figures still life composition.
Here at our little content marketing agency (Brisbane), we like the feel of new paper. There is little more inviting to the creative mind than a blank sheet of fresh, pristine paper.
The moment we lay eyes on one, little doors begin to open in our minds and the cogs of creative potential begin to churn our thoughts to spur action that manifests!
Paper is a  canvas to test ideas. We can write words, draw pictures and diagrams, create signs – or we can fold it and create an entirely new perception of what paper is truly capable of.
That is why Sublime Content Agency has chosen paper and origami as a visual representation of vision and possibility as the beginning of our story. In harmony with the creative content that we enliven, an idea can be transformed, just like a simple piece of paper, into something amazing, beautiful, delightful, educational, communal – something incredible!


Paper itself has become of form through transformation, pulped from nature, or recycled. In kind so do ideas, although thoughts sometimes just pop into our head from nowhere, often the ones we want to invest in are well thought out and have been delivered to the mind from necessity – the requirement to fill a need or solve a problem.


Paper was literally invented so humans could not only form lines of permanent communication with each other, but for promoting the purposes of commerce, art and religion – it was the evolution of the clay tablet, of the need to scribe on or in rock – it was portable and distributive. Without paper, the printing press would not become, and neither would the invention that followed to create our contemporary forms of media – textural and visual.


Paper can be anything you want it to be. Although it may not have the strength and properties of other materials – nothing is made before it is written on paper. Everything in our world likely, even before it was input into a computer, was scribbled onto a single sheet of paper.


Paper, although it is not always a feature of the end product, is the humble beginning. It is the interface of the intersection of thought and action that can lead you on a journey of discovery, innovation and experimentation. You can use a pen, you can fold, you can tear, you can stack, you can print on paper. You can conceptualise a solution to your problem.


Paper can be the content itself, or it can be the flower bed of an ambitious content creation adventure. There are certain rules and constraints perhaps in what you can achieve with the medium, and that is where the genius lies! Taking a flat, smooth object, and breathing conceptual life into it – finding a way to harvest curiosity. In this way, we can take your brand and your product and create an emotional connection for your audience to your ideas. The thrill for our Brisbane content marketing agency, is in taking a two dimensional footnote, and folding and manifesting it into a three dimensional pop-up story, that sparks the potential within each individual to see more!